Using a Glycolic Acid Body Lotion

You can use a glycolic acid body lotion to exfoliate your skin.  It’s a great way to get smoother skin because it removes the dead cells that accumulate and give skin a dull or rough texture.  You can use a glycolic acid lotion to treat calluses, chicken skin, sun damage, ingrown hairs, and dry skin.  Stronger formulations can be used in a stretch mark or scar removal regimen.

Glycolic acid is an alpha hydroxy acid(AHA) that is used in chemical exfoliation.  In mild concentrations, it dissolves dead skin that gets stuck to live skin.  In stronger concentrations, it can remove live skin, which is knows as peeling.  Most glycolic acid body lotions are mild products and will not produce a peeling effect.  They will simply remove the dead skin that can be very problematic.  This dead layer can accumulate and prevent the proper absorption of skin care products like moisturizers.  Over time, it can lead to rough patches commonly seen on the elbows and knees and clog pores leading to body acne and chicken skin.

Glycolic acid products make your skin extra sensitive to sunlight.  It will burn much easier than normal for around 2 weeks after each application.  There is also an increase risk of discoloration or sunspots from even mild sun exposure.  You should use these products in the evening and use a good sun block daily to avoid getting a damaging sunburn.

Mild chemical exfoliation with a glycolic acid lotion will make mechanical exfoliation more effective.  If you aren’t getting good enough results with a body scrub or loofah, try applying a mild AHA product a few hours before you scrub.  It loosens the dead skin that can be hard to scrub off.  A glycolic acid lotion for body use is a great way to exfoliate if you have sensitive skin.  People often think that acids are too harsh for delicate skin, but in low concentrations there is very little chance of irritation.  Sensitive skin types and people prone to developing broken capillaries aren’t able to tolerate the friction associated with scrubs, loofahs, and other forms of manual exfoliation.  Glycolic acid dissolves dead skin without friction, allowing it to slough off by itself, or be easily removed using mild pressure with a towel or washcloth.

You skin naturally exfoliates dead skin, but in some people this process is inhibited.  They become prone to developing calluses and rough patches because the dead skin accumulates instead of being sloughed off properly.  Ingrown hairs are also frequent.  Keratosis pilaris, or chicken skin, is a common skin complaint.  The small bumps are common on the backs of the arms and legs.  Dead skin buildup is often the reason behind dry skin.  A glycolic acid body lotion is one of the easiest ways to get rid of these conditions.  Try using an AHA lotion daily on your trouble areas and after you shave.

A glycolic acid body lotion is a great way to treat sun damage.  You may have brown spots on your shoulders and back from old sunburns or age spots on the backs of your hands.  Glycolic acid is often the main ingredient in an anti aging hand cream.  You can enhance your results by using a Vitamin C cream and, of course, sun block if the treated area will be exposed to sunlight.

The concentration of glycolic acid will determine how strong your product is.  Some products will list this information on the label, but many mild formulations like lotions will not.  Most glycolic lotions contain between 5% and 10% glycolic acid.  Stronger products usually list the percentage because there is a greater chance of irritation.  Glycolic acid lotions are a great to start using alpha hydroxy acids.  Their mild concentration is effective but gentle, and the moisturizer base soothes any initial irritation that might occur.  These products are a great way to prepare your skin for a glycolic acid peel or serum.  It’s important to start slowly when you are introducing AHAs into your routine.  High concentrations can burn and further damage your skin.  Strong glycolic acid lotions are an effective way to reduce scars and stretch marks, but can be too intense for new users.

If you are using a glycolic acid body lotion for stretch mark or scar removal, you’ll need to start off with a mild lotion, but eventually move up to a stronger product after a few weeks of daily use.  Chemical peels for stretch marks or scars are very effective, but can be damaging if you don’t give your skin time to adjust by using gentler products.

It can take time to see results from a glycolic acid body lotion.  You’ll have smoother skin after the first application, but it can take a few weeks of daily use to remove rough patches or chicken skin bumps.  Exfoliating with a loofah or body scrub will enhance your results.