Retinol Serum Benefits

A retinol serum benefits the skin in many ways.  It is one of the most effective anti aging products available and is also useful to help control oily skin.  Retinol can fade age spots, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and make skin smoother.  It can help control acne and skin oil production, and even help make your pores appear smaller.  It increases cellular turnover and is a good age preventative.

Retinol is a popular anti aging active ingredient because it is very effective.  Users report a reduction in winkles and discoloration, such as age spots.  Some people have been able to completely eliminate fine lines and mild discoloration.  A retinol serum benefits the skin by increasing cellular turnover, which is a major contributor to aging.  As we age skin cells replace themselves at a slower rate, leaving it less able to repair itself from day to day damage.  Retinol also has an exfoliating effect, which can lead to mild peeling and skin flakiness.  Regular exfoliation makes skin smoother and also enhances the effects of skin care actives by removing a dead layer of cells that inhibits absorption.

A retinol serum benefits oily skin by reducing skin oil production.  Its exfoliating effect also helps keeps pores clear, leading to fewer breakouts.  Many users report a smaller pore size with regular use.  Dry skin is a side effect of retinol use, but this makes it possibly the best facial treatment for oily skin.

Retinol serums are usually the strongest of retinol skin care products.  This ingredient is derived from Vitamin A and belongs to a family of nutrients called retinoids.  Retinoids are well known to improve the appearance of aging skin and are even sold as a prescription.  Retinoic acid is the most powerful retinoid and is sold as prescription product called Retin A.  This ingredient is one of the only known ways to increase elastin production, which is the component of the skin matrix that makes skin firm.  Retinol can be converted to retinoic acid in the young, healthy skin, so younger uses can get many of the benefits of Retin A without needing a prescription.

Retinoids like retinol and retinoic acid can be irritating when you first start to use them.  Don’t start off with the strongest retinol products you can find.  Most formulations contain concentrations of .15%, .5% and 1%.  Start with the mildest product you can find, and introduce it into your routine gradually.  As your skin becomes accustomed to retinol, you can start using stronger products.  Apply your retinol serum in the evening.  Sun exposure makes retinoids ineffective.  It’s a good idea to use a retinol serum before you try a prescription product to reduce the chance of irritation.  Retinol is often combined with alpha hydroxy acids like glycolic acid, so be sure to check your product’s ingredient label.  These acids cause your skin to become sensitive to sunlight, making daily sun block use essential.

If you are looking for an effective anti aging product or need something to control oily skin, try a retinol serum.  It’s a great way to combat both aging and acne.  Remember to gradually increase the strength of your product to avoid irritation.  A retinol serum benefits many skin types and is a great addition to a skin care regimen.