Is a Vitamin C Cream the Best Anti Aging Cream for You?

Is a Vitamin C Cream the Best Anti Aging Cream for You?

A Vitamin C cream is a very versatile product.  It works well for most skin types and is one of the few ingredients that are backed with scientific evidence.  If you are looking for the best anti aging cream, it is a great product to start out with.

A vitamin C cream is a great way to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.  It also fades discoloration like age spots.  It is a potent antioxidant that helps prevent free radical damage.  Over time, it boosts collagen production.  It also has sun protecting properties, but not enough that you can skip the sunblock.

Most Vitamin C creams contain L ascorbic acid.  This ingredient is not very stable and can oxidize quickly if not stabilized in the proper formulation and used fresh.  Many products will have an expiration date.  Purchase a fresh product from a reliable supplier.  You can store it the fridge to help slow the oxidation process.  Beware of products that are tinted yellow or orange, because a color change is one of the signs of oxidation.

The best anti aging cream containing Vitamin C will have a 15% to 20% concentration of L ascorbic acid.  This concentration is acidic and will typically irritate new users, so it is not the best to start out with.  Use a mild Vitamin C cream or lotion that contains 10% or less for a few weeks before starting with the strong products.

The strongest Vitamin C skin care products are often serums, but some creams will contain the high concentrations.  These are the best anti aging creams for dry skin that needs the moisturizing ingredients and doesn’t want to bother with layering products.

Younger skin doesn’t need such high concentrations and can use a milder product for its sun protection and antioxidant benefits.  Milder products are also good at fading discoloration from sun damage.  Don’t use strong anti aging products until you actually start to see the signs of aging.   Concentrate on sun protection and antioxidants like a mid strength Vitamin C cream.

Many of the best anti aging products have sun warnings and need to be used at night.  A Vitamin C cream is an ideal product to use in the daytime.  It works very well in a skin care routine using other anti aging creams like a retinol cream or glycolic acid cream.  It’s also a good product for people who aren’t willing to use sun protection every time they go outside like they should when using other anti aging ingredients.  Vitamin C is good for people with a low maintenance lifestyle who still want to do something to prevent aging.  Vitamin C is completely natural, so it’s great for someone looking for an all natural anti aging cream.

If discoloration from sun damage is one of you biggest concerns, Vitamin C can be the best anti aging cream for you.  It is very effective at fading age spots and other forms of hyperpigmentation.  Its sun protection will also help prevent sun damage.

It takes some time to see effects from the best anti aging cream.  You’ll enhance your results by ensuring your skin is properly exfoliated, so that the product can penetrate effectively.  In the case of Vitamin C, you need to use a 15% or higher concentration to have any effect on fine lines and wrinkles.  Collagen production is a slow process.  Give your Vitamin C cream 8-12 weeks to work before giving up on it.