Is a Glycolic Acid Serum the Best Anti Aging Serum for You?

A glycolic acid serum is a very useful product when you are trying to reduce wrinkles, fine lines, and hyperpigmentation like age spots.  If you are looking for the best anti aging serum to remove damaged tissue, it may be the best choice for you.

Using a glycolic acid serum is a form of chemical exfoliation.  It uses an alpha hydroxy acid to dissolve away dead skin cells that accumulate on the surface of functional skin.  These cells can often trap your skin care products and prevent them from working properly.  In higher concentrations, these acids can actually remove live tissue that is damaged, wrinkled, and discolored.  The skin below is generally in better condition and looks younger.  This is known as peeling, and is one of the most effective ways to get rid of wrinkles and age spots.  It also stimulates your skin’s own healing processes without producing that much damage, which improves the texture of the skin.  Using strong concentrations of glycolic acid over time will result in thicker skin and an increase in collagen production.

The best anti aging serum for your skin will depend on your goals, condition of your skin, and lifestyle.  Many anti aging ingredients work to improve the condition of skin you have by helping skin repair itself faster, improving collagen production, reducing free radial damage, and/or increasing cellular turnover.  This works well for mildly aged skin, but may not be effective enough as a treatment for deep wrinkles, or more severe discoloration.  Alpha hydroxy acid products that are strong enough to peel can be more effective and show results faster.  On the other hand, heavy exfoliation can irritate and potentially damage your skin, must be combined with rejuvenating skin care products and moisturizers, and requires the use of extra sun protection.  If you aren’t willing to adhere to a skin care routine and wear sun block every day, the milder products may be best for you.

You can use a mild glycolic acid serum for its exfoliating effects.  This will enhance the effects of other anti aging serum because they won’t get trapped in excess dead skin.  Mild glycolic acid skin care products contain less than 10% alpha hydroxy acids.  Most people can start using them daily, but sensitive skin should look for a product in the 5%-8% range in the beginning.  Using a glycolic acid serum every other day for the first week is a good idea if you are concerned about how your skin will tolerate the ingredient.

If you’d like to use the best anti aging serum with glycolic acid, you’ll need to start with the mild products first to avoid irritation.  Concentrations of more than 10% are very likely to cause irritation.  After using mild products successfully for a few weeks, introduce stronger formulations to your routine gradually.  You’ll need to balance heavy exfoliation with other products that rejuvenate your skin, like Vitamin C, retinoids, and antioxidants.  If you’ve experienced a strong peeling effect from your glycolic acid serum, wait a few days before applying strong anti aging serums or other forms of exfoliation like microdermabrasion.  You might not be able to or need to use a strong glycolic serum daily.  Giving your skin time and nutrients to heal is crucial.

Glycolic acid will cause your skin to become photosensitive.  It will sun burn much easier for at least a week after each time your use the products.  There is also an increase risk of discoloration if the skin is not protected from sun exposure, even if it is cloudy.  You must use sun protection daily if you are going to use alpha hydroxy acids.

A glycolic serum may be the best anti aging serum for you if you are looking for a product that is effective on deeper wrinkles and moderate to severe discoloration.  It’s also a choice for oily skin types, as it helps regulate skin oil production.