How to Get Rid of Wrinkles

Most people who have wrinkles want to get rid of wrinkles.  Contrary to popular belief it is possible to remove or at least reduce wrinkles.  Many products can help with wrinkle reduction, but most experts will tell you won’t get rid of them for good.  This may be true in extreme cases, but for the most part, wrinkles can be eliminated or greatly reduced to fine lines through a skin care system of exfoliation, moisturization, and renewal.  Best of all it can be done at home, at your own pace.  It’s a gradual process, so you can stop when you’re satisfied for a natural look, unlike botox and facelifts.  You can also prevent wrinkles and slow the aging process.

If you’re looking to get rid of wrinkles fast or need a pick me up for a special event, look for a skin tightening cream with DMAE.  You can get dramatic temporary results, especially around the eyes.  If you’d like lasting improvement for your wrinkles, read on to learn how to get rid of wrinkles permanently, or make them less noticeable.

Part of the reason why most wrinkle creams don’t work is because they are just fancy moisturizers.  It hydrates the skin and can plump up the wrinkle, but it isn’t doing that much else.  And even creams with powerful active ingredients, such as antioxidants and peptides, often can’t get down into the skin because people don’t exfoliate to remove dead skin cells.  You expensive cream ends up treating dead cells or cells that will soon be sloughed off.

One cause of aging is that our cells replace themselves at a slower rate as we get older.  This increases the formation of wrinkles and skin discoloration (age spots), which can age you just as much as wrinkles. Because of this, one of the most effective wrinkle treatments is exfoliation.  Manual exfoliation like microdermabrasion and skin scrubs use abrasive materials such as crystals or ground nut hulls to polish off the dead and dying skin cells and stimulate your skin to produce it’s own collagen.  Chemical exfoliation like a peel uses alpha hydroxy acids like glycolic or lactic acid to dissolve dead skin cells and even the first layers of skin.  It is extremely important with both types of exfoliation to start off slowly and work your way up.  Don’t scrub too hard; it is more effective to use light pressure for 90 seconds that heavy pressure for 30 seconds.  If you’re using acids, start with a low concentration around 5% or 10% and work your way up.  You skin will be pink and flushed, but it should not be raw.  You aren’t going to be able to get rid of your wrinkles in one session, or even probably ten or twenty, so over exfoliating is going to do more harm than good.  Don’t do more damage by starting off too strong too fast.

Exfoliation and wrinkle creams won’t work to remove wrinkles by themselves, but when they are combined, they work together to reduce wrinkles.  The key to wrinkle removal is finding the right products with the right ingredients and strengths for your skin.  It’s most effective to combine manual and chemical exfoliation, which can be as simple as using an exfoliating scrub or loofah, followed by a glycolic acid lotion or serum.  If you have more serious wrinkles, consider investing in a home microdermabrasion system and glycolic acid peel.

Perhaps the most important step is choosing the right wrinkle creams.  Wrinkle creams work differently on different people.  It is hard to pin down the best wrinkle cream, because it might be a god send for one woman and the worst thing another has done to their skin.  Antioxidants, Vitamins, especially C, copper peptides, and retinoids are effective wrinkle fighters.  It’s hard to find a cream or serum with everything though, so it’s best to use multiple products so you can get a potent dose of each active.  You can look for wrinkle creams with the copper peptides and retinoids and switch your daily moisturizer or sunscreen for one with vitamins and antioxidants.

There are a zillion wrinkle creams out there, but copper peptides, Vitamin C, and Vitamin A products show real promise.  Not all peptide creams are created equals.  The only copper peptides with research behind them are GHK Cu peptides, which are patented.  To be sure you’re getting the real stuff, look for creams from Neova, Procyte and Neutrogena, as these use the original copper peptide that is actually clinically shown to improve skin texture.  “Peptides” is a popular term that often means nothing.  Again, copper peptides work well for most, but not for all, so keep trying products until you find the right one for you.

Vitamin C is another anti aging essential.  It is a free radical scavenger and is also used by the body to produce elastin.  You can get Vitamin C into your routine with a cream, lotion, serum, or toner.  Vitamin C may interfere with copper peptides and to an extent neutralize each other if used at the same time, so use your Vitamin C product in the morning and your copper peptides at night.

Creams or serums with Vitamin A or Vitamin A derivatives called retinoids are another popular option.  Retin A falls under this category, as do over the counter creams with retinol or retinyl palmitate.

Look for creams that are made with other natural ingredients.  These are high in vitamins and antioxidants and have been used for eons to fight wrinkles by native women.  One great example is Argan Oil, which has just become very popular and can now be found in great products.  Other time tested oils are Evening Primrose, Rosehip and Emu oils.  Essential oils like lavender, fennel, and rose are said to have anti aging properties and have been used by famous ancient beauties like Cleopatra.  Rose water and other floral water or hydrosols are a great used straight as anti aging toners and are a nice addition to a wrinkle cream.  Aloe is soothing and a popular substitution for plain water in natural wrinkle lotions. Try alternating between all natural products, conventional wrinkle creams and best, products that combine both.

You can also treat wrinkles from the inside.  In fact proper nutrition can be essential when getting rid of deep wrinkles.  It isn’t easy to stick to, but a healthy diet, exercise, avoiding dehydration by drinking enough water, not smoking or excessively consuming alcohol does wonders for your skin.  Skin vitamins are particularly important when you are renewing your skin because you are trying to stimulate your own skins healing process.  Many nutrients like Vitamins A, B’s C, E, K , antioxidants like Co enzyme Q-10, and essential fatty acids, are necessary for skin regeneration.  Generally, t is best to get them from food, but almost impossible to get levels high enough for wrinkle reduction, so skin care supplements should be taken.  This step is really the key to wrinkle removal, rather than wrinkle reduction, and is especially important if you are older.

Reducing and removing wrinkles takes time.  You will see an improvement in texture early on but real results take at least a few weeks for your skin to start producing collagen and increase cellular regeneration.  If you are just working on crow’s feet, fine lines and age spots, you probably won’t need to venture into the world of strong chemical peels, professional dermabrasion or laser therapy, or $400 dollar skin creams.  However if you have significant damage like deep wrinkles on the forehead or around the mouth or acne scarring, you may need to use some serious skin care methods to get the result you desire.  If you’re success seems to plateau, it may be time to move up to a stronger acid and start using more actives.  Copper peptide creams are expensive, but there are awesome for serious sun damage and advanced wrinkles.  The beauty of doing all this slowly and at home is that you can stop before you become “ageless” if you desire.  Even if you don’t want or can’t afford the more advanced products, you can still reduce your wrinkles and stall future aging.

Unfortunately, especially with peptide creams and chemical peels, serious damage such as acne scarring and deep wrinkles may appear to get worse before it gets better.  This is because damage is often deep into the layers and actually can get covered up with smoother skin on top.  When this skin is exfoliated off, the damage starts moving up and can become more visible.  If this happens do not panic, but monitor your skin closely.

So you may be wondering when the pitch to sell some e-book is going to start, because it is a bit complicated and confusing.  There is no one size fits all method for wrinkle removal and a lot of your success will come from your own trial and error.  There are literally thousands of products and a lot of them will work.  But are some ideas that can help you design your own routine and get you started.

When you wash your face in the morning, try a glycolic acid cleanser, or a face wash with crystals or natural exfoliators, like apricot, almond, or adzuki powder or jojoba spheres.

Apply a sunscreen, preferably one with vitamins or antioxidants and that also contains zinc oxide and/or titanium dioxide.  Allow it to soak into your skin for a bit before you apply your makeup.  Consider switching to a mineral make up, as these are great for your skin and contain a sunscreen.  Remember, even low concentrations of alpha hydroxy acids make your skin very sensitive to the sun for at least a week afterwards.

In the evening, remove your makeup and lightly scrub with a loofah.  Use a product with an alpha hydroxy acid, such as a glycolic acid chemical peel.  Look for low concentrations around 7-10% in the beginning.  Follow the products directions, but beware that there are very strong products available now.  The process stings, but it should be excessively painful.  Don’t leave it on too long. Vary your exfoliation routine based on your skin’s reaction.  You may not be able to do it every day at first or perhaps ever, and don’t push it.  Alternate with a microdermabrasion system or scrub or use them together, although this can remove too much skin.

Before bed, apply a wrinkle cream or wrinkle serum with active ingredients like copper peptides, Vitamin A, C, or E or retinoids like retinyl palmitate.  Don’t be afraid to combine actives, although copper peptides and vitamin C may neutralize each other.  You can try different serums on different days, and try to incorporate natural products with herbal ingredients like essential oils and floral waters like rose and lavender.  The old advice of never use oil on your face doesn’t hold up well once your wrinkling.  Coconut, Evening Primrose, and Argan oil are powerful natural additives.

With enough persistence you can reduce the appearance of wrinkles.  Try to work up do doing some exfoliation 4 or 5 times a week, and perhaps eventually every day, but remember to start with weaker products and work your way up.  This is not a fast process, so if you need to remove wrinkles fast use a tightening cream with DMAE.  Remember to drink a lot of water, take skin care supplements and try to add more fresh fruits vegetables to your diet.  In order to get rid of wrinkles, you pretty much need to do everything for your skin, especially getting the proper nutrition and taking additional supplements. It takes dedication but it can be done.