How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks

It is possible for you to get rid of stretch marks, despite what you’ve heard, even the old white ones.  You’ve probably had bad results with stretch mark creams in the past.  Most respected sources will tell you that there is no product on the market that can remove or significantly fade stretch marks and they are right, unfortunately.  There is no one single product that will remove them.  But thankfully, you can combine products to completely remove stretch marks or drastically improve their appearance.

Some people get great results from stretch mark lotions alone, but most do not.  Using just the cream on very new, smaller stretch marks is the best.  If your stretch marks are older, or the creams haven’t been working, you need to add exfoliation to your regimen.

You don’t have to learn to live with being insecure about your appearance.  You need to learn how to get rid of stretch marks!  You can get your pre pregnancy tummy skin back, and you don’t have to wear stretch mark “battle scars” or “badges of honor” from your weight gain and loss.

The stretch mark products available on the market now do help stretch marks fade and disappear, but it has to get down to the deeper layers of skin.  You have to use a stretch mark removal regimen that gets the active ingredients in powerful skin creams to the deep layers of skin that are scarred by the stretch mark.  Just applying the creams is only treating the superficial damage on the surface of the skin.  The serious damage below is left untreated.

Getting real results from stretch mark creams isn’t that complicated, and it seriously works.  It does take a lot of time and commitment though.  You are stimulating your skin to heal itself, and that doesn’t happen right away.  Full results can take an entire year or even more, especially if you are working on marks on multiple areas of the body.   But you’ll see improvement along the way.

The trick is to add exfoliation to your routine. Exfoliation is essentially controlled damage that activates the skin’s healing processes without causing lasting damage.  Adding treatments for stretch marks renew the freshly exposed skin and allow it to heal faster and smoother.  Doing this over and over again will gradually diminish your stretch marks until they eventually disappear or become barely noticeable uneven texture.

Use manual exfoliation, like a home microdermabrasion system or scrub, a scrubby skin brush, or a loofah.  That manually removes dead skin cells and some of the surface of the stretch mark.  Don’t scrub hard.  You aren’t going to be able to scrub off your stretch marks over night and you don’t want to weaken your skin.

You’ll also need to use chemical exfoliation, like a chemical peel using alpha hydroxy acids such as glycolic acid.  This is going to “eat” the scar tissue that makes up the stretch mark, but it isn’t an immediate dramatic change or very painful.  These very strong peels can be done by a professional, but you don’t need to pay a professional to get powerful chemical peels.  So powerful, you can damage your skin, badly.  Go slow.  Start with a product that has a 10% to 20% concentration of glycolic acid and work your way up.  Eventually, you want to use acids in the 30%  to 50% range, but you don’t want to start there.  Your skin needs to get used to the strong acids.  These peels sting, sometimes a lot, and the stretch mark will be red and may scab up, but it shouldn’t be extremely painful.  It may scab over afterwards, but it shouldn’t bleed.  Be careful and don’t make it worse by burning.  The trick is to find just the right amount of exfoliation your skin needs to be effective without going overboard.

You can do the chemical peel right after the microdermabrasion for powerful results, but if you over scrubbed, it can really sting because the acid is on broken skin.  Don’t start out with this combining exfoliation in the same session in the beginning.

Because you’ve now really exfoliated your skin, you’re stretch mark treatments can actually get to the damage.  Many of the stretch mark creams will work once you add exfoliation, so try one that you’ve seen some results with again.  In addition to creams specifically made for stretch marks, copper peptide creams, retin A and retinoid creams, and products containing Vitamins C are very powerful for fading and removing stretch marks.  Some people like to alternate different creams on different days. Copper peptide creams may be the best because they are designed to heal wounds.  Not all peptides are the same, look for products with the GHK-Cu peptide.  You should wait at least an hour after exfoliating before applying the creams to give the acids time to work.

The last step is applying a light layer of Emu Oil over the stretch mark cream.  Emu oil is a powerful healing oil used by aborigines in Australia.  It is very useful for scars and burns, but most importantly for this method is Emu oil’s ability to penetrate the skin to the deeper layers of the dermis.  This is where most of the skin damage from stretch marks is, and applying emu oil on top of the cream will help draw it into the stretch mark.  You can also apply it on top of the glycolic acid to pull the acid further into the damaged skin as well if you wish.  Avoid emu oil and emu oil suppliers that claim yellow, smelly emu oil is the best.  Good emu oil is white, off white, or clear and has no particular odor.

You also need to use sunscreen when you are going through this process.  Acids and retinoids make your skin very sensitive to the sun and it will burn much easier than untreated skin.  Many people prefer a high spf sunblock lotion, because it contains fewer synthetic chemicals.

Because the damage is so deep, it sometimes gets covered up by smoother skin on the surface.  Once you remove this skin, the mark may look worse.  Don’t worry if this happens, it is actually quite common.  Be sure you aren’t over exfoliating and under renewing however.

You can also improve your results by taking skin care vitamins.  Giving your body the extra nutrients it needs to heal helps your skin improve faster.

Getting rid of stretch marks is a long process.  You need to consistently work on exfoliating and renewing the stretch mark daily and it can take months to see results.  If you’re stretch marks don’t really bother you, it is unlikely that you’ll stick with the process long enough to get results.  But for some, stretch marks are embarrassing and can keep people from enjoying themselves. You can diminish their appearance, if not get rid of stretch marks altogether.