How to Get Rid of Neck Wrinkles

One of the most neglected areas of the body when it comes to skin care is the neck.  The neck wrinkles much like the face and if you ignore your neck, you may be aging yourself despite all the attention you’ve paid to your facial wrinkles.

The skin on the neck is thin and delicate, much like the skin on the face.  It is best to use products made for the face or even better specifically for the neck.  You can treat neck wrinkles with exfoliation and skin care creams.  Treat your neck whenever you treat you face.

Be sure to use sunscreen on the neck, just as you do your face.  Discoloration of the skin and uneven pigmentation make you look older, just as much as wrinkles.

Perhaps you just started thinking about your neck wrinkles because you noticed you have them.  You can reduce or remove neck wrinkles, but it takes more than just slathering on a miracle cream and it takes time.  Use a microdermabrasion scrub, followed by an alpha hydroxy acid, and then follow up a few hours later with a potent neck wrinkle cream that contains active ingredients such as copper peptides, vitamins, or retinoids.  You can use you favorite facial wrinkle creams as well.  This method also helps firm up sagging neck skin, a common problem that goes hand in hand with neck wrinkling.

You also want to use a good moisturizer for your neck, and occasionally a wrinkle serum.  Generally, anything you can use on your face will also work well on your neck, although you may be able to use heavier creams than you would on your face.  So if you spent money on a cream that turned out to be to heavy for your face, try it on your neck.

You can reduce the formation of neck wrinkles by not smoking, eating right, and reducing sun exposure.  You should also be aware of your posture and hold your head high to avoid excessively creasing your neck.  Also, notice your sleeping position and if you neck wrinkles are deeper in the morning.  If you pillow is high off the bed, it can lead to creases in the neck because you aren’t lying flat enough.  Sleeping positions are a common cause of wrinkles on the neck, chest, and breasts.  Sleeping in a certain way that causes a crease night after night can make the crease permanent.  Many of our wrinkles form because of the way we sleep, but it is difficult to correct.  If you’re a side sleeper, you are more prone to neck and chest wrinkling.  You can purchase special pillows that can help reduce wrinkling while you sleep.

It’s best to start treating neck wrinkles early, as soon as you notice them.  If you already have them, using exfoliation and following up with a rejuvenating skin care product can remove or reduce them.