Glycolic Acid Cream Benefits

A glycolic acid cream benefits a variety of skin complaints.  It’s a great way to exfoliate.  When used regularly, glycolic acid can fade fine lines and skin discoloration like age spots.  Theses creams are typically mild and unlikely to cause irritation.

If you are looking for a good way to exfoliate dry skin, try using a glycolic acid cream.  Alpha hydroxy acids like glycolic acid dissolve dead skin cells that accumulate on the surface of live skin.  This forms a problematic layer that can prevent your moisturizers from being properly absorbed.  A glycolic acid cream benefits dry skin because the acid is delivered in a moisturizing base than reduces the chance of irritation and dryness.

The strength of your glycolic acid cream is determined by the concentration.  Most glycolic creams are mild and contain between 5% and 10% of glycolic acid.  This is a good strength for exfoliation, and will have mild age fighting properties.  When used consistently, it can reduce hyperpigmentation like age spots and fine lines, but won’t be that noticeable on deep wrinkles.  Concentrations of more than 10% can be more effective.  They may even produce a mild peeling effect, which is the best technique to remove age related damage.  It takes time to see results from mild concentrations of alpha hydroxy acids, but there is also a much smaller risk of irritating your skin.  Using glycolic acid regularly can also improve collagen production and give you thicker skin.

You can use a glycolic acid body cream to improve dry skin, bumpy skin, calluses, tough skin on the feet, elbows, or knees, and even scars.  If you aren’t getting the results your looking for from mechanical exfoliation like exfoliating with a loofah or body scrub, adding chemical exfoliation can help.  Sometimes the dead cell build up is too tough to scrub off and needs to be dissolved chemically.  Trying using a glycolic acid body lotion or cream for a few days to loosen the skin and then use a scrub or loofah to remove it.

A glycolic acid cream benefits people who want to use a peel.  A glycolic acid peel is typically too strong for new users and can result in skin damage.  Introducing alpha hydroxy acids into your routine gradually is very important.  Use a glycolic acid lotion or cream for a few weeks before trying a mild peel.  The soothing moisturizers are ideal for new users.

Glycolic acid can help acne prone and oily skin.  It can regulate skin oil production when used consistently and the exfoliating effect can help keep pores clear.  Glycolic acid is often combined with saliclylic acid to make a good acne cream.

Exfoliating with glycolic acid can improve the results from other anti aging creams and products.  If you don’t remove excess dead cell build up, your expensive facial treatments won’t work properly because they can’t penetrate the skin.  Products that are designed to rejuvenate the skin work better when damaged skin is removed via mild peeling because they treat fresh, younger looking skin that is revealed.

It’s important to use sun protection on skin that has been treated with glycolic or lactic acid.  It causes skin to burn easier for a week or more after each application, so use sun protection daily.  It takes time to see glycolic acid cream benefits, so don’t give up.