Finding the Best Vitamin C Serum for Face Care

Vitamin C is a proven skin care ingredient that has many benefits.  It can reduce wrinkles, age spots, and acne scars.  In some formulations, it can provide extra sun protection.  It’s one of the best active ingredients to promote collagen production and is also an antioxidant that can prevent free radical damage.  The best Vitamin C serum for face care depends on your goals and your past exposure to Vitamin C.

There are several different forms of Vitamin C used in skin care.  The most common and most effective is L- ascorbic acid.  Serums have different concentrations of Vitamin C.  They sometimes have the percentage listed on the label.  A strong product may have a concentration of around 20%, which will be very effective.  Unfortunately, the majority of people cannot start off using those products without experiencing moderate to severe irritation.

When looking for the best Vitamin C serum for face care, you’ll need to start out with lower strength products to prepare your skin for the powerful formulations available on the market today.  Look for something that contains around 10% to start with.  Some mild serums do not list the percentage, and are usually 10% or less.  You can also use a Vitamin C lotion or facial cream to get your skin used to the ingredient.  Use the milder product for a few weeks and gradually work your way up the more effective products.

Going slow may be an inconvenience, but it will save you time in the long run.  If you start out with the strongest Vitamin C serum available, you’ll very likely burn your skin.  Then you’ll have to take time to recover and start out with the milder products anyway.  The weaker concentrations are also beneficial for facial care.  Real results take time, and you’ll get the most improvement by using the serums consistently.

The strongest facial Vitamin C serums are very acidic and can produce a skin peel.  This effect is one of the things that make them so beneficial.  Peeling removes the outer layer of damaged skin and reveals healthier looking skin below.  Your skin may eventually acclimate to the ingredient and you’ll no longer get the peeling effect.  But in the beginning, you’ll need to be careful when using other types of exfoliation.  Using other chemical peels is not recommended when you first start using a strong Vitamin C serum on your face.  Even milder treatments like microdermabrasion can over exfoliate and damage your skin.  You’ll also need to use extra sun protection while peeling.

You may also see Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate, Ascorbyl Palmitate, and Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate.  These less common forms may have scary hard to pronounce names, but they are just different types of Vitamin C and may be better for sensitive skin.