Finding the Best Facial Treatment for Oily Skin

Facial treatments can help improve the condition of all skin types.  You just have to find the one that is best for yours.  Skin care products that can help improve acne and control oily skin are readily available on the market today.  There are also recipes available to make an oily skin treatment at home.

Skin types are usually genetic, so there isn’t always a way to get rid of oily skin permanently.  You should try to design a skin care regimen that helps control skin sebum production.  Consistently treating the skin will reduce the chance of breakouts.  You’ll need to wash skin frequently with a mild cleanser and periodically use facial treatments.

The best facial treatment for oily skin is usually some type of exfoliation.  Exfoliating removes dead skin cells and debris that clog pores and can lead to acne.  You can use manual or chemical exfoliation, or combine both into your routine.  A good type of manual exfoliation would be using a face wash that contains a scrubby ingredient like nut hulls or a microdermabrasion treatment.

Chemical exfoliation can help treat oily skin on two fronts.  Using hydroxy acids like glycolic or salicylic acid can help regulate skin oil production.  When used consistently, your skin will be less likely to over produce sebum, which leads to greasiness and clogged pores.  A lactic or glycolic acid serum or at home glycolic peel would be the most powerful.  You can also use a facial cleanser that contains a salicylic acid.  You will need to use a sunscreen if you are using alpha hydroxy acids like glycolic for at least a week after use.

Another good facial treatment to get rid of oily skin is using retinol skin care products.  Retinol can cause the skin to dry out, which is good for greasy skin.  You may also want to try a prescription retinoid product like Retin-A if you have severely oily skin.  Don’t use retinoids like retinol if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

This skin type also benefit from clay masks.  You can actually make these natural facial treatments at home.  Clay masks detoxify the skin by clearing the pores.  It can also make large pores look smaller.  All clays are good but French Green clay or Dead Sea clay will usually work the best.  If you are making the mask at home, you can also customize the mix with other ingredients, like witch hazel or essential oils like lavender or rosemary.