DMAE Skin Care Products

DMAE skin care products are very popular because they can visibly firm and tighten the skin.  There are many active ingredients and skin care techniques that can diminish wrinkles and age spots, but skin sagging can be difficult to treat.  One of the best things about DMAE is that it works very quickly.  Some people experience noticeable results after just one application, and most see improvement within a week.  This makes it an ideal choice for people who need results fast for a special event.  The tightening effect also plumps wrinkles, making DMAE a powerful anti aging active ingredient.

Skin care advances have already answered questions about how to get rid of wrinkles, but we are still figuring out how to firm skin.  This makes sagging skin is one of the most aggravating signs of aging because it is very difficult to treat at home.  Many people resort to surgical options.  DMAE helps to tighten skin and prevent further sagging with continued use.  The effects of DMAE are temporary because the results are the most noticeable after each application and will begin to disappear altogether when you stop using the product.  DMAE skin products do not stimulate collagen production or remove damaged skin, which is how most other anti aging ingredients work.  It works best on people with mild to moderate sagging and crepey skin.  People with relatively young skin won’t see much improvement, and severe facial sagging cannot be completely remedied with topical treatments.

DMAE is effective at a low concentration.  Most products contain between 1% and 3% of DMAE.  Some products will have a higher concentration of around 5%.  The strongest products will often advertise the higher percentage.  Many products do not list the concentration, so it can be difficult to tell exactly what concentration is working for you.  These products are usually mild.  DMAE can irritate your skin when you first start using it, though many people experience no ill side effects.  Those who do will most likely only experience mild irritation like dryness, redness, and skin flaking, which will usually subside as your skin gets used to the ingredient.  Start using a mild product every other day, for a week or two, and then try daily use.  After a few weeks of using, gradually introduce the higher strength products into your routine.

DMAE skin care products often contain other active ingredients like Vitamin C.  It works very well with other actives to combat aging on multiple fronts.  You’ll get immediate benefits from the firming effect of DMAE and long-term benefits from the collagen boosting and rejuvenating effects of the other actives ingredients, which usually give best results when used consistently over time.  It’s also important to use exfoliation in any anti aging skin care routine.  Exfoliating away dead skin cells will help your skin absorb products properly.  Dead skin will often form a layer that adheres to live skin, which traps active ingredients and prevents them from reaching live skin cells where they will be effective.  You do not need to exfoliate immediately before applying DMAE.  You shouldn’t have problems getting DMAE to absorb as long as you are exfoliating regularly with a facial scrub or alpha hydroxy acid products like a glycolic acid lotion.

Many people report better results from continued use of DMAE skin care products, so it is possible that it has a cumulative effect.  The tightening will last longer after you have used it for a while, and the peak effects will be more noticeable.  It is also a good way to decrease further facial sagging.  If you use DMAE for a few years and discontinue use, any sagging you have prevented will not automatically return.  Your skin will decline normally thereafter, but you will still come out ahead compared to if you had never used DMAE.  In that sense, in the very long run, some effects of DMAE are permanent.

It’s best to use your DMAE product in the daytime because the tightening effect appears immediately upon application and peak results will last throughout the day.  Its results are most noticeable around the eyes and jawline.  DMAE is particularly helpful for the eyelids.  It can reduce crepey skin on the eyelid and firm up the droopy skin above the eye.  Many eye products aren’t suggested for use directly on the eyelids, but this is not the case for DMAE.  These products are also a good way to treat sagging neck skin.  Some people apply it to other sagging body skin like the upper arms, backs of the hands, décolletage, and breasts.   DMAE is also reported to plump lips and restore their youthful color.  Many lip plumping formulations will list DMAE on the ingredient list.  You may also have success applying facial products to your lips if you can’t find a specific DMAE lip plumper.

The active chemical in DMAE skin care products is called dimethylaminoethanol.  Internal use of this ingredient has been studied as an anti aging drug that helps stave off cognitive decline and has even been associated with longevity.  It is not completely understood how DMAE makes the skin firmer.  It may stabilize cell membranes, or work on skin as it does internally to promote synthesis of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine or to reduce the accumulation of lipofuscin, a potentially harmful byproduct of the aging process.

Most professionals consider DMAE a safe ingredient even though it has not been extensively studied as a topical anti aging active ingredient.  It has been used in skin care formulations for over 30 years and is very popular.  There have been no reports of significant skin damage from long-term use.  Of the studies on topical DMAE, only one has indicated that it might have lasting negative side effects. That study was done with the high pH DMAE amine, not DMAE bitartrate, which has a more neutral pH and is the most common form used in skin care.  DMAE amine has an objectionable odor and an irritating alkaline pH and is not readily available in the consumer market.  At this point, research suggests that DMAE is perhaps the only topical active ingredient known to reduce skin sagging.

Sagging skin is one of the most telling signs of aging, and there aren’t many non-surgical options to treat it.  If you are dealing with sagging or crepey skin, DMAE skin care products may be a very effective part of your skin care routine.  You’ll experience noticeable results very quickly, making it a good treatment to use before a big event or for a quick confidence boost.