Choosing the Best Facial Treatment for Your Skin

There are many skin issues that can be improved or eliminated by a facial treatment.  There are many skin care products that help control acne, diminish wrinkles, moisturize dry skin, and improve skin’s texture and tone.  Some of them are very expensive, others are quite affordable, and you can even make your own face treatments at home.  Some facial treatments, such as exfoliation can treat a variety of skin problems.

Oily Skin and Large Pores

Facial treatments for large pores and oily are usually designed to detoxify and reduce oil production.  Clay masks are a good choice for this skin type.  They draw out impurities from pores, making them appear smaller.  French Green and Dead Sea clays are particularly beneficial.  Another option is exfoliation, either by glycolic acid or microdermabrasion.  Don’t skip your moisturizer.  If lotions are too heavy for you, look for a serum.  A moisturizer that contains salicylic acid keeps pores clean, which minimizes their appearance.

Dry Skin

Most people try to treat dry skin with a moisturizer.  Dry and aging skin can use heavier creams that contain anti aging oils like Rosehip, Borage, Evening Primrose and Carrot oil.  While these creams can be beneficial used alone, but you can improve your results by exfoliating before you apply your facial moisturizer.  Using a facial scrub, microdermabrasion, or chemical peel weekly will improve your moisturizers ability to penetrate and hydrate the skin.  You can also choose a cream or lotion that contains glycolic or lactic acid.  You must use a sunscreen while you are using alpha hydroxy acids because they make your skin more prone to burning.


Choosing the right acne facial treatment can be challenging because you this skin type is very sensitive.  There are clay and mud masks formulated specifically for acne prone skin.  The detoxifying properties of these masks can improve acne by drawing impurities from the skin and clearing the pores.  Dead Sea, Green, and Rhassoul are good choices for acne.

Using products that contain salicylic acid is one best ways to keep pimples from forming.  It is a common ingredient in toners, lotions, or serums designed for acne.  Look for concentrations around 1% or 2%.

Retin A is a prescription treatment option.  If you don’t want something that strong look for serums and moisturizers that contains Vitamin A or derivatives like retinol.

Exfoliation is another effective acne facial treatment.  It removes dead skin cells and other dirt and debris that clog pores and lead to blemishes. You can use a mechanical method like a facial scrub or microdermabrasion or chemical exfoliation with a peel or lotion that contains an alpha hydroxy acid.  Remember to use your sunscreen if you are going to use AHA’s.

Wrinkles and Fine Lines

Getting rid of wrinkles requires the use of multiple treatments over a long period of time.  There is no single peel or cream that will do the trick completely, though some improvement is usually seen when they’re used alone.  The most effective facial treatment for aging skin is to combine frequent exfoliation with moisturization that contains anti aging active ingredients.

Both chemical and manual/mechanical exfoliation should be used.  You can damage your skin severely with exfoliation, so you need to start with weaker products and work your way up. Try to use a microdermabrasion treatment and chemical peel weekly to start, and eventually work your way up to exfoliating 4 times a week or more.  It can take several months to get to that frequency without causing significant irritation.

Use a wrinkle cream that is proven to work.  Right now the best options are products that contain Vitamin C, Vitamin A or other retinoids, and GHK copper peptides.  These active ingredients work best to fight wrinkles.  Irritation can result from using a strong concentration of Vitamin C, so start with weaker formulas and gradually more onto stronger products.  Retin A is a prescription that has a good amount of research behind it, but it can also cause irritation.  GHK-Cu is usually the best choice as a facial treatment for sensitive skin.  You can use all of these ingredients in the same day, but apply Vitamin C and copper peptides at least 6 hours apart.

Sunscreen is very important when treating wrinkles.  Sun damage is the leading cause of aging.  You also must use sunscreen when using AHA products because your skin will be prone to burning easier than usual.  Sunscreen is critical!

Facial or Acne Scars

Acne and facial scars are removed or reduced the same way you treat wrinkles as described above.  Combine frequent exfoliation with lotions and serums that contain skin renewing ingredients that are proven to work like Vitamin C, Vitamin A or retinol, and copper peptides.

Another good acne scar facial treatment is skin needling with a skin roller.  This a great choice for acne scars that cause the skin to take on a rolling or wavy appearance.  When the skin is needled, your body’s healing process increases collagen production.  Use the roller once a month.  Full results can take up to a year, but some improvement is seen quickly.

Rough or Dull Skin

Exfoliation is the best way to improve skin texture and make it smoother.  A microdermabrasion facial treatment removes dead skin with polishing crystals or a diamond wand.  You can purchase kits so you can do it yourself at home, or you can see a skin care professional.  Chemical or AHA peels are another good way to smooth rough skin.  Start off slowly with all types of exfoliation because you don’t want to damage your skin.  You may not notice that you have used too much pressure or too strong of a product until hours later.  Full results take time; so wait until you done at least 10 treatments before deciding that something isn’t working.

Uneven Pigmentation or Age Spots

Treat age spot or other pigmentation irregularities with exfoliation as well.  Also use a skin brightening or lightening cream that contains Vitamin C, hydroquinone or kojic acid.

Sensitive Skin and Redness

If you have sensitive skin, look for an herbal and other natural facial treatment.  Aloe, oatmeal, Vitamin E, comfrey, feverfew, and chamomile are all terrific natural ingredients to look for.  Consider switching your normal facial cleanser with a natural option like castile soap or cleansing grains.  Another idea is to try using hydrosols as a facial toner or in a mister.  Rose and lavender would be good choices.

There are lots of different facial treatments that treat a variety of beauty issues.  Exfoliation and Vitamin C products treat a wide range of skin problems, so try adding them to your skin care regimen and see what your results will be.  With most skin care treatments, you may not see full results from your facial treatment until several months of consistent use.