Choosing the Best Face Serum for Oily Skin

Finding the best face serum for oily skin depends on your skin’s needs and goals.  Serums are ideal products for oily skin because of their light consistency and no or low amount of moisturizers that can aggravate oily skin.  Serums are also usually high in active ingredients and are often the strongest products available.

The best face serum for oily skin can be used to control skin oil production.  Certain ingredients can reduce or get rid of oily skin when used consistently.  These actives also have an anti aging and anti acne effect as an added bonus.

A retinol serum is often the best face serum for oily skin that is looking for a product that also treats the signs of aging.  Some retinol side effects are beneficial for oily skin.  This ingredient decreases skin oil production, which can lead to skin dryness for people with normal, dry, or combination skin, but is often the best facial treatment for oily skin.  Retinol also has effective anti aging properties because it increases cellular turnover and collagen production.  It is a precursor to the prescription acne and wrinkle fighter tretinoin, or retinoic acid.  A retinol serum can cause irritation in new users, so it is important to start off using low concentrations and gradually work your way up to the stronger products.  Retinol should be used in the evening, because sun exposure makes it less effective.

The best face serum for oily skin may be a glycolic acid serum.  This is also a good choice if you are looking for a product that has anti aging and anti acne properties.  Glycolic acid is an alpha hydroxy acid that is used as an exfoliant in skin care products.  It removes dead skin cells that accumulate on the surface of the skin and give it a dull rough texture.  This dead cell build up can clog pores and lead to acne flare-ups.  Glycolic acid is the best alpha hydroxy acid to use if you have oily skin because it can reduce and regulate skin oil production.  Alpha hydroxy acids can be irritating, and in higher concentrations can remove live damaged tissue, known as peeling.  Don’t start out with strong products that peel.  Use mild concentrations of glycolic acids in the beginning.  These products also need to be used in the evening, and will cause your skin to burn easier for a week or more after each application.

If you are looking for a mild product that you can use during the day, or have young skin, the best face serum for you may be an antioxidant serum.  Antioxidants help reduce free radical damage to skin cells, which is a major contributor to aging.  Look for a mild Vitamin C serum, or a product that contains other antioxidants like green tea, white tea, resveratol, or Vitamin E.

Finding the best serum for oily skin can take some trial and error.  To get the best results from your facial serum, make sure your skin is properly exfoliated, use it consistently, and give your treatment 8-12 weeks to determine its effectiveness.