Choosing the Best Face Serum

Many people are looking for the best face serum for their skin’s needs.  Serums are much lighter than lotions and creams, making them ideal for younger skin or oily skin.  They can also contain high concentrations of active ingredients, making them some of the best anti aging skin care products available.  Some serums contain are more moisturizing than others.  Others contain very strong ingredient like glycolic acid that can irritate your skin.

There is no such thing as the best face serum for everyone.  The right product for you will be determined by your skin type, age, and needs.  You should first determine what you want your serum to do.  Are you looking reduce wrinkles, sagging, or age spots?  Do you have combination skin that needs hydration without getting too oily?  Do you have sensitive skin that would benefit from natural botanical ingredients?  Are you trying to prevent aging?  You’ll find many serums that are designed to help you with these problems.

There’s a good chance that you’re looking for an anti aging face serum.  These are very popular in anti aging skin care because they are some of the most effective formulations available.  It’s best to find a product that uses a proven ingredient rather than the newest anti aging craze on the market.  Although hundreds of new serums are introduced every year, there aren’t many new breakthroughs in anti aging skin care.  Many new products are simply new formulations with the same proven ingredients, or aren’t very effective.

Some of the best anti aging face serums contain Vitamin C.  Other popular options are retinol, and peptides.  You can also get rid of wrinkles with an exfoliating serum that contains an alpha hydroxy acid like lactic or glycolic acid.  All of these anti aging face serums can irritate your skin.  You need to give your skin time to adjust to these ingredients by gradually increasing the strength of your product.  The best Vitamin C serum for aging skin will contain around 20% L-ascorbic acid.  This concentration can potentially burn your skin, so start off with a lower strength serum, or a lotion or cream.   The same is true for a retinol serum.  The strongest serums on the market contain about 1% retinol, a concentration that can be very irritating.  Use weaker products for a few weeks before trying out a stronger serum.

For some aging skin types, the best face serum will help improve skin sagging.  This problem is one of the most difficult to correct.  The best firming face serum for you will probably contain an ingredient called DMAE.  This ingredient visibly tightens skin immediately upon application.  The results are temporary, but users report that the product works better after continued use.  DMAE is also a good way to prevent further sagging.  It is safe to use daily.

If you aren’t looking for an anti aging product, you may be looking for the best hydrating face serum.  Oily and combination skin types often do best getting their moisture from serums because of their light consistency.  Lotions and creams may cause breakouts, but serums typically have just the right amount of oil free moisture.  Glycerin is a popular ingredient in hydrating serums.  Try a serum that contains botanical ingredients.  You can also use an antioxidant face serum.  Look for something that contains Vitamin A or E, or other popular anti oxidants like resveratrol.

If you have sensitive skin, the best face serum for you might be an organic face serum.  These products don’t have harsh synthetic ingredients and are usually loaded with botanical ingredients and anti oxidants.  Look for something that contains chamomile or comfrey if you are trying to reduce redness.  You should be aware that many organic or natural facial serums are oil or jojoba based, especially if they are preservative free.  This won’t necessarily lead to breakouts, but they might be too heavy for oily skin.  Some of these soothing serums are great for following up a chemical peel or microdermabrasion treatment.

When you are choosing the best face serum for your skin, you also need to consider what other skin care products and techniques that you are using.  If you use chemical peels regularly, be careful when adding an anti aging serum to your routine.  Vitamin C and Alpha hydroxy acid serums are very acidic and can irritated freshly peeled skin.  Be careful with other forms of exfoliation when using anti aging serums.  Add new products and techniques to your regimen slowly.  You should also use a sunblock daily.

You get the best results from most skin care products by using them consistently.  This is especially true if you are trying to remove wrinkles and age spots.  You should try a product for at least a month before you give up on it.  You should also incorporate exfoliation into your routine.  Exfoliating removes dead skin that can keep your serum from being absorbed properly.  It can take some trial and error, but you’ll eventually find the best face serum for your needs.