Choosing the Best Eye Cream

Using the best eye cream is an important part of a beauty regimen.  The skin surrounding the eyes is thin, delicate, and sensitive.  This area is often where aging starts to become noticeable, in the form of fine lines and crow’s feet.  Even before the aging process starts to be a bother, you may still experience eye puffiness and dark under eye circles.  The eyes are the main focal point of the face, so it is important that this area looks it’s best.  A good eye cream can help mitigate the effects of not getting enough sleep or emotional distress.  It’s also a critical part of an anti aging routine.

Products designed for the eye are different from those for the rest of the face, because it skin isn’t the same and it has different needs.  It is thinner and wrinkles a lot with facial expression, which causes it to age early.  Eye skin needs lower concentrations of active ingredients for the same effects, and is more prone to irritation.  Since the eyes can have so many issues, it is rare to find a product that treats all of them.  Eye creams are typically based around an active ingredient that works on a certain problem.  Many people also prefer to use a separate night cream as an age preventative or repair cream.  Using a heavy moisturizer or even petroleum jelly overnight is a tried and true method to prevent wrinkles.

There is no definitive answer to what makes the best eye cream.  Some ingredients will work wonders for one person and do nothing or irritate another.  If you are looking for an anti aging eye cream, stick with proven ingredients instead of following the latest craze.  Many people look for the best anti aging products of the year, but there simply aren’t that many advances in skin care to justify all the marketing hype.  It often takes time to resolve skin issues, especially when they are related to aging.  Skin care products often work by enhancing collagen production or increasing cellular turnover, and these processes take time.  You’ll get the best results by using products consistently over the course of a few months.  You can’t simply try something for a week or two and then declare that it doesn’t work.

The best eye cream for wrinkles will often contain Vitamin C or retinol.  These active ingredients are some of the most effective wrinkle fighters available.  They are both great for fine lines and discoloration like age spots as well.  A Vitamin C cream is ideal to use in the daytime because it offers some sun protection.  A retinol cream needs to be used at night, because retinol interacts with sunlight and becomes ineffective.  Using them both will give great results.  Strong concentrations of these ingredients can be irritating, especially to sensitive eye skin.  It is best to start off with mild products and work your way up gradually to the stronger, more effective formulations.

If you want to know how to get rid of wrinkles, you’ll need to learn how to exfoliate your skin properly.  Exfoliating the eyes is tricky, but necessary to remove and reduce wrinkles.  Mild exfoliation will remove dead skin cells and other debris that form a layer that adheres to live skin.  Removing this layer is critical, because it often traps your active ingredients and prevents them from working on live skin.  Exfoliate your eye area gently with a facial scrub so that your eye creams can work as intended. Strong exfoliation like a facial peel or microdermabrasion can remove the first layer or so of damaged skin to expose younger looking skin below.  It is possible to use products that contain alpha hydroxy acids like a glycolic acid lotion around the eye area.  It’s important to start with very mild products and gradually increase the strength to avoid further damaging delicate eye skin.  Don’t use a lactic or glycolic facial peel on the eye area; exfoliate skin around the eye in a separate session using milder methods.  If the eye area begins to peel and flake, treat it very gently and use soothing botanical moisturizers often.  Don’t use strong actives for around a week afterwards, and be sure to protect the area with sun block because it will burn easier.  Don’t repeat the peeling process for around 6 weeks.  Doing this over and over is the best way to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles, but it takes a lot of time, consistency, and dedication.

For some people, the best eye cream will treat dark circles that form under the eye.  If you have this problem, it’s a good idea to learn how to get rid of dark under eye circles by identifying what type you have and what ingredients can improve them.  Most eye circles are slightly blue or purple and are the result of thin skin and poor circulation.  The best eye cream for dark circles will contain an ingredient to improve circulation and strengthen blood vessels.  Vitamin K and Niacinamide are very popular.  Day creams will often have a yellow tint to camouflage the blue color.   Some dark circles are brown and are caused by that skin producing more melanin than the skin around it.  This type is less common and usually occurs in people with naturally tan or brown skin.  It needs to be treated with a mild alpha hydroxy acid product, like a lactic acid lotion, or a skin lightening cream.

Many people have issues with puffy eyes and eye bags and need an eye cream to treat those issues.  The best eye cream for puffiness will help deflate the area with botanical ingredients.  Puffy eyes are temporary and usually caused from stress or lack of sleep, and differ from eye bags, which are permanent.  Applying a cold compress to the eye area, and then following with a good eye product best treats puffiness.  Many people who have this problem get relief from eye creams containing cranberry, caffeine, and/or green tea extract.  You might not have time in the morning to apply cucumber slices or cold tea bags to your eyes, as effective as this may be.  A quick solution is to put two metal spoons in the freezer for about 5 minutes, then press them against the eyes for a minute or two.  A cold compress will often give immediate relief for sudden eye puffiness, where eye creams are good if this is a common occurrence, because they can take a few weeks of regular application before results become noticeable.

Eye bags are permanent fatty deposits in the under eye area, and aren’t related to inflammation.  You may experience some relief from eye creams for puffiness, but they usually aren’t powerful enough.  It is better to look for the best firming eye cream, which will often contain DMAE.  DMAE skin care products tighten the skin upon application.  The effects aren’t permanent, but you see results quickly.  They are one of the only ways to reduce sagging skin.  You results will depend on the severity of your eye bags, but the results are cumulative and regular use will help keeping the condition from getting worse.

If you are looking for the best eye cream to prevent aging, try something that contains antioxidants.  Try something that contains Vitamin A, C, or E, or botanical antioxidants like resveratol.  Keeping the skin well moisturized is one of the best ways to prevent wrinkles, so you’ll come out ahead by using an eye cream regularly regardless of what active ingredient it contains.  Resist the temptation to use more aggressive skin care actives until you actually see fine lines forming.

The best eye cream for you will depend on what results you are looking for.  Anti aging eye creams contain different ingredients than creams designed for puffiness or other issues.  Stick with ingredients that are proven to work, like antioxidants, retinoids, and botanical extracts.  Using exfoliation will enhance the effectiveness of your skin care products by allowing them to be absorbed properly.  Most products need to be used consistently for a while for you to see results, so don’t expect miracles overnight.