Choosing the Best Anti Aging Serum for Dry Skin

Finding the best anti aging serum for dry skin can be challenging.  Serums typically forgo moisturizers to make room for the highest concentrations of active ingredients, leaving dry skin types vulnerable to dehydration.  Dry skin is often also sensitive, so it can be prone to irritation.

The best anti aging serum for dry skin is often too irritating for new users to start out with.  It’s important to gradually increase the strength of your products.  Most anti aging active ingredients need to be at a certain concentration and pH to be the most effective, but the best formulations will cause adverse reactions in the beginning.  In some incidences, these reactions can be severe enough to damage skin.  Don’t start out using the strongest products you can find.  Use mild formulations like an anti aging cream or lotion for a few weeks before moving up to the strongest products, which are usually serums.

Exfoliation is important for dry skin.  Dry skin is often dead skin that is the body is unable to slough off.  Dead cells over accumulate on top of live skin and inhibit product absorption, making even the best anti aging products ineffective.  The best anti aging serum for dry skin will often have an exfoliating effect than removes this problematic layer.  Some may even cause your skin to peel, which is a very powerful technique to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and fade hyperpigmentation like age spots.  If your serum doesn’t have an exfoliating effect, adding an exfoliating product like a lactic acid lotion will ensure you will get the best results.

Alpha hydroxy acids like lactic and glycolic acid are common in the best anti aging serum because of the exfoliating effect.  A lactic acid serum is most suitable for dry skin because it also helps with skin hydration.  To be the most effective at wrinkle reduction, it should have a concentration of more than 10%, but that is too much for new users, especially if they have dry skin.  Start out with a mild product in the beginning, before trying an alpha hydroxy acid serum.  It’s important to moisturize your skin in an anti aging regimen, especially if it has a peeling effect.  These products will cause your skin to be more sensitive to sunlight, making it burn and discolor easier for a week or more after each application.  Use sun protection daily, and only use the serum in the evening.

The best anti aging serum for dry skin is often will often contain Vitamin C in the form of L ascorbic acid.  This nutrient is very popular in skin care because it increases collagen production, brightens skin, fades hyperpigmentation, and is a potent antioxidant.  The best Vitamin C serum will contain 15% or 20% L ascorbic acid, but again, this is far too strong of a concentration to start out with.  Try using a 10% Vitamin C cream or lotion for a few weeks before moving up to a serum.  Vitamin C has sun-protecting properties, making it an ideal ingredient for day time use.

If you are looking for mild product with fewer side effects, try using an antioxidant serum.  These products work to prevent further aging by scavenging free radicals that do damage to DNA of skin cells.  They are also often full of phytonutrients that are beneficial.  Try using a facial serum based on Vitamins A, C, and/or E, the nutrients Co enzyme Q 10, resveratol, carotenoids, and green or white tea extracts.

If you are looking for a product to reduce facial sagging, try a DMAE serum.  DMAE temporarily tightens the skin and is great if you are looking for fast results.  It is best for mild to moderate facial sagging, and also has a temporary effect on wrinkles.  Users report cumulative effects with continued use, and it can also delay further sagging when used consistently.

The best anti aging serum for dry skin will usually not contain retinoids.  Retinoids like retinol and prescription wrinkle fighters are very effective, but they also have a drying effect.  Some people with dry skin can still use a retinol serum sporadically if they make sure to use intensive moisturizing treatments for a few days afterwards.

Anti aging serums often don’t provide the skin with moisture, which is a critical part of anti aging skin care.  You should use a good face cream for hydration and not rely on a serum alone.  You can also try to find a hydrating serum that contains effective concentrations of active ingredients, but that still may not be enough.  Moisturization is critical.

Dry skin is common as we get older and can make using the most effective anti aging products a challenge.  Don’t be afraid to use multiple products in your routine; they often work synergistically.  Be sure to add products to your routine slowly, and don’t start off using the strongest formulation you can find.  The best anti aging serum for dry skin will often not provide you with enough moisture, so make sure your skin stays hydrated.