Choosing the Best Anti Aging Serum

An anti aging serum can be a wonderful addition to your skin care arsenal.  Serums are lighter than creams and often contain powerful concentrations of skin regenerating active ingredients.  They are great for oily and combination skin types that find creams and lotions can leave skin too greasy.  You can also use serums underneath your normal moisturizer, sunscreen, or makeup.

Active Ingredients

Choose which ingredient you’d like your anti aging serum to have.  The most effective wrinkle fighters are Vitamin C, Vitamin A or retinol, copper peptides, and DMAE.  Other ingredients may work well for you too, but these are a great place to start.  Some serums may contain exfoliating ingredients like alpha or beta hydroxy acids.

Vitamin C serums can be very strong and acidic.  Sometimes people experience irritation when they start using Vitamin C.  To start off with, look for a serum that has around a 10% concentration of L-ascorbic acid.  Work your way up to 20% over time.  Vitamin C can oxidize quickly, making the serum ineffective and possible damaging.  Be sure to buy from a reputable supplier and manufacturer to ensure freshness.

Vitamin A, and its derivatives called retinoids, are popular and effective ingredients found in anti aging serums.  Retinol and retinyl palmitate are the best choices for over the counter Vitamin A creams.  These ingredients also degrade over time, so be sure to buy a fresh product from a good supplier.  If you are looking for a prescription option, try Retin A, or retinoic acid.

Copper peptides are a good choice for sensitive skin.  Look for a copper peptide anti aging serum that contains GHK-CU, the copper peptide with the most supporting scientific evidence behind it.  You may find other peptides work well for you too, however.  Don’t use copper peptides and Vitamin C in the same session, wait at least 6 hours between applications.

DMAE serums are a good choice for skin that is already showing more advanced signs of aging like deep wrinkles and sagging.  This ingredient actually firms up the skin temporarily after every application.  It’s a great way to treat crow’s feet.  Over time, this firming effect becomes more noticeable and it can help stall future sagging and wrinkling.  This ingredient is the best choice if you are looking for fast results from an anti aging serum.

Glycolic acid serums fight wrinkles by exfoliating away dead and dying skin cells.  These serums make your skin very sensitive to the sun, so use them at night and use sunscreen while for 2 weeks after discontinuing use.  Use them with a skin rebuilding cream or serum for the best effects.

Age and Skin Type
You age may help you pick the best anti aging serum for you.  If you already have significant sagging or wrinkling, a DMAE serum in the morning will give you noticeable results.  You can also use serum that contains retinol, Vitamin C, or copper peptides in the evening.

If you are trying to prevent wrinkles with an anti aging serum, you probably don’t need to use the strongest product available.  Stick with the ingredients shown to work, and use a sunscreen daily.

If you are trying to remove age spots or even out skin tone, try serums that contain Vitamin C or glycolic acid.  Both of these ingredients reduce hyperpigmentation.

Sensitive skin may need a lot of time to adjust to Vitamin C or retinol.  Copper peptides reduce inflammation and are the best anti aging serum to start with for sensitive skin types.


Don’t forget to use anti aging treatments on your neck and chest.  This area is often overlooked and can look odd against your face if the skin has aged differently.  Most facial anti aging products can also be used on the neck and décolletage.

Moisture and Exfoliation

You can make your anti aging serum more effective by combining it with exfoliation.  Using a scrub, microdermabrasion treatment, glycolic serum or chemical peel along your serum helps it better penetrate the skin.  You don’t need to do heavy exfoliating directly before applying the serum.  It can be done in a separate session.

An anti aging serum may not give your skin all the moisture it needs, so you can follow it with a face cream or lotion.  This can be a good way to combine skin actives that you can’t find in a single product.