Choosing a DMAE Cream

A DMAE cream is a great way to combat skin sagging.  DMAE produces a tightening effect immediately upon application.  Most anti aging skin care products take weeks to begin showing results, and most can’t do much for sagging skin.  DMAE is a great option for people looking for who are looking for immediate results or see facial sag as their biggest concern.  The skin tightening effect can also temporarily plump wrinkles, making it ideal for a special event.

Aging skin has 3 main attributes that are treated by skin care products: wrinkles, discoloration, and sagging.  You have many options when looking for topical wrinkle and hyperpigmentation treatments, but sagging skin is much more difficult to remedy.  The most effective treatments are surgical, but many people do not wish to go that route.  A DMAE cream is one of the best anti aging products that has any effect on skin sagging.  It works best on people with mild or moderate facial sag or “crepey” skin like the eyelids.  Severe sagging won’t see much improvement from any topical product, and young skin is unlikely to see any visible improvement, although it can temporarily hide some wrinkles.

DMAE creams contain a chemical called dimethylaminoethanol, which has been studied as an anti aging drug used internally to slow cognitive decline.  Scientists do not completely understand why DMAE increases skin firmness.  They think that it may stabilize cell membranes or promote synthesis of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine.  It may also reduce the accumulation of lipofuscin, a byproduct of the aging process that may have harmful effects.  DMAE is considered safe by skin care professionals and has been used in skin care formulations for over 30 years.  There is some misinformation spreading on the Internet about is safety which is based on one study that showed cell damage in in-vitro test.  This study used high pH DMAE amine that is seldom used in skin care formulations because of its pH and adverse “fishy” odor.  DMAE bitartrate is much more mild and is the type of DMAE used in the majority of skin formulations.

DMAE needs a low concentration to be effective.  A DMAE cream will typical have a concentration of 1% to 3%, which may or may not be listed on the label.  Stronger products can contain 5% DMAE, and will often list the strength.  Some users can initially experience irritation when using DMAE skin care products, but many people report no adverse effects.  Those who do have complaints typically only report mild side effects like flaky skin, dryness, and redness.  These effects are temporary and will go away as your skin gets used to the ingredient.  Sensitive skin or people who experience difficulties should apply their DMAE cream every other or every third day in the beginning and gradually work their way up to daily use.  Starting with the milder formulations first before trying the strongest products is also a good idea.

You should use your DMAE cream in the daytime because the results are temporary and only last through the day.  Most people experience skin tightening on the first application.  For others it can take a few days to a week before they start seeing results.  Users often report that the increase in skin firmness becomes more intense and longer lasting over time.  Regular use of a DMAE cream can have permanent effects in a sense.  Over time, daily use of DMAE can prevent further skin sagging because it is repeatedly being firmed.   In theory, if you start using DMAE products regularly before or as soon as you see facial sagging, it can drastically stall its development.

You can apply a DMAE cream to your entire face, but pay extra attention to areas that are prone to sagging like around the eyes and jawline.  You can use many DMAE products on your eyelid to get rid of crepey skin.  DMAE can also be use on sagging body skin.  Common areas like the backs of the hands, upper arms, and décolletage.  DMAE is a great way to firm up sagging neck skin as well.  You should treat your neck whenever you use a facial treatment.  This area is often overlooked and can age poorly.

A DMAE cream will often combine anti aging active ingredients like Vitamin C and other antioxidants.  These formulations can make the best anti aging cream for someone who wants DMAE’s firming effects and long-term benefits like collagen production and reducing hyperpigmentation delivered in a single product.  You can also use a retinol cream in the evening as part of a very effective anti aging routine.   Using several facial creams with active ingredients has a synergistic effect.

It’s important to use exfoliation in any skin care routine.  Dead cells and other debris can accumulate on the surface of your skin, forming a problematic layer that traps your skin creams.  This can reduce or eliminate the effectiveness of your skin care products because they are unable to reach live skin.  Skin exfoliation will allow your DMAE cream to be absorbed properly so it can work as intended.  Use a facial scrub regularly, or introduce alpha hydroxy acids into your routine by using a lactic or glycolic acid cream.

If you are bothered by sagging skin, you should try using a DMAE cream.  It’s a good way to keep skin sagging from getting worse and retaining skin firmness as long as possible.  It works well with other techniques and ingredients in an anti aging skin regimen.